6 Best Concrete Nail Guns 2023

Nailing the concrete surface is a demanding job and you can’t get it done without having a powerful tool in hand. Nail guns are handy tools that simplify the tough nailing jobs and minimize the effort and time required.

Best Concrete Nail Guns

Concrete is hard surfaces and the nailing requirements are different from wood and steel. You can find plenty of options on the market that are powerful enough to nail deep down into the hard concrete surfaces.

If you are looking for the best concrete nail gun, this read is a real treat for you. After testing dozens of nail guns on the market we selected and reviewed 6 best options that work best for concrete. Plus, a buying guide, in the end, will help you figure out which nail gun suits best with your needs.

Best Pick

Freeman PSSCP Pneumatic 3″

Freeman PSSCP

  • Lightweight structure.
  • Sturdy aluminum internals.
  • Max drive depth 3-inches.
  • Impressive driving force.

Staff Pick

Freeman PCN65

Freeman PCN65

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Impressive magazine capacity-400-nails.
  • Softer tip prevent damage.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment.

Budget Pick



  • User-friendly ergonomics.
  • Adjustable gauge.
  • Quick magazine loading.
  • Tool-free jam clearance.

6 Best Concrete Nail Guns

1.AIR LOCKER CN64A3 Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer★★★★★Check Price
2.Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic Coil Siding Nailer★★★★★Check Price
3.Freeman PSSCP Pneumatic 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer★★★★★Check Price
4.China-Top Silver Store 14 Gauge Concrete T-Nailer★★★★★Check Price
5.Woodpecker ST64 14 Gauge★★★★Check Price
6.Air Locker CN64A3K Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer Kit★★★★Check Price

1. AIR LOCKER CN64A3 Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer


Air Locker CN64A3 is a multi-purpose nailer that works with a wide range of surfaces like steel, concrete, hardwood, and engineered wood. It’s a have-duty T-nailer that features an adjustable exhaust and works with a pressure between 60-100 PSI.

The 14-gauge fastener size and a big magazine with a capacity of 100 nails make it perfect for bigger projects. In addition to that, it is compatible with a nail size ranging from ⅝ -inches to 2.5-inches making it suitable for a variety of construction jobs.

Moreover, this nail gun by Air Locker comes packed with plenty of user-friendly features. For example, you would get a quick-release nose and quick-release lever for tool-free jam clearance. Plus, a safety lock is there to prevent dry fire.

The nail gun features an aluminum diecast body and offers impressive ruggedness without being too heavy. This lightweight structure when combined with a non-slip ergonomic grip offers unmatched comfort and stability for an untiring experience.

We also loved the magazine loading mechanism. The magazine comes with a side-inlet that lets you load the nails during the operation. It supports both sequential and bumps firing mode with a convenient trigger that lets you quickly shift the mode.

The only issue we experienced with this nailer is its weak driving pin. Despite having the perfect pressure adjustment it doesn’t produce enough force to drive the nail deep down into old concrete and bending issues occur.


  • User-friendly ergonomics.
  • Adjustable gauge.
  • Quick magazine loading.
  • Tool-free jam clearance.
  • Affordable.


  • Weak drive pin.

Air locker T-nailer comes packed with user-friendly ergonomics and offers fatigue-free operation in big construction projects. The best part of the nailer is that despite being very affordable it doesn’t compromise the building quality and comes with a lightweight yet sturdy structure.

2. Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic Coil Siding Nailer

Freeman PCN65

Freeman tools are famous for their dependable design and innovative features and the PCN65 Pneumatic nailer is also no exception. It is a multi-purpose nail gun that is powerful enough to drive nails into various materials like concrete, steel, and wood.

The gun is used in professional flooring, siding, and fencing projects. The best part of this nailer is its superior build quality. This nailer combines a lightweight magnesium body with sturdy aluminum internals to create a perfect balance between mobility and durability.

Plus, its soft rubber O-rings and a no-mar tip offer a tool-free jam clearance and prevents the surface damage during the operation. Additionally, a non-slip rubber grip minimizes hand and wrist fatigue and lets you work continuously on bigger projects.

Freeman PCN65 Pneumatic Coil Siding Nailer

Since it is a multi-purpose nailing tool, it offers onboard depth adjustment. This tool-free drive depth adjustment feature makes your work easier and enhances your work speed. What makes this nail gun a hit with professionals is its large-capacity magazine and powerful pneumatic drive mechanism.

The magazine comes with a quick side loading mechanism and can hold up to 400 nails. It is compatible with a wide range of nail sizes from 5/8 -inches to 2 ½ -inches. Although it is a powerful nail gun, we found out that it lacks firing consistency when used at a faster pace. The common issue we faced while using this gun at a faster pace was double-firing and under-driven nails.


  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Impressive magazine capacity-400-nails.
  • Softer tip prevent damage.
  • Tool-free depth adjustment.


  • Lacks consistency.

Freeman PCN65 weighs less than 6-pounds and features a user-friendly grip making it equally suitable for newbies and experts. Moreover, it comes with a 360-degree adjustable base that lets you drive the nails in different dimensions without changing the position of the tool.

3. Freeman PSSCP Pneumatic 3″ Single Pin Concrete Nailer

Freeman PSSCP Pneumatic 3″

If you are looking for a dedicated concrete nail gun, consider this Single Pin nailer by Freeman. It is one of the most powerful nail guns, capable of driving nails into hard concrete surfaces with maximum efficiency.

This gun can drive the nail size ranging from 3/4-3 inches and can be used to fasten wood, steel, and plastic attachments with concrete surfaces. The immense driving power of this nail gun eliminates the need for drilling holes making it faster than its powder-actuated counterparts.

Additionally, the gun’s superior build quality coupled with contact and lightweight structure makes it one of the best tools for professionals. A sturdy steel blade and aluminum internals add significant weight, but its lightweight magnesium body manages to keep the overall weight low.

Also, a secure rubber grip minimizes wrist and hand fatigue and enhances the work quality. Another good news is that it comes packed with a complete set of accessories including an air compressor oil, adjustment tools, and carrying case.

The crying case aids in safe storage and easy transportation of the tool. Remember, this nail gun doesn’t offer contact or bump firing mode. This feature makes it a bit slower than its counterpart featuring sequential firing mode.


  • Lightweight structure.
  • Sturdy aluminum internals.
  • Max drive depth 3-inches.
  • Impressive driving force.


  • Lacks sequential firing mode.

Freeman PSSCP is a powerful tool capable of driving large nails into both old and new concrete surfaces with minimum jamming and bending issues. This nail gun offers incredible efficiency and firing consistency making it perfect for big construction and renovation projects.

4. China-Top Silver Store 14 Gauge Concrete T-Nailer – T Nail Gun

China-Top Silver Store 14 Gauge Concrete T-Nailer

China-Top T-nailer is a powerful tool designed with the needs of big construction projects in mind. The most standout feature of the gun is its unmatched firing power. In addition to steel and wood fastening with concrete, it also works for concrete-to-concrete fastening.

It’s a pneumatic T-nailer featuring an adjustable exhaust and big inner cylinder that delivers impressive driving power. Plus, the exhaust is installed at the front that keeps the dust and oils wavy making it completely safe for the operators. Another big plus of this nail gun is that it is free of jamming issues.

The sturdy safety frame coupled with a touch-strike security system prevents accidental firing and jamming. The safety lock is another useful feature that minimizes the chances of dry firing and ensures workers’ safety and damage-free fastening.

In addition to that, it is compatible with 14-gauge T-nails ranging in length from ½-2 inches. An onboard control panel lets you adjust the drive depth while working with different materials. Also, the quick loading magazine and smooth air pressure enhance its work speed and aids in consistent firing.

The biggest downside of this nail gun is its heavy structure. It weighs more than 7-pounds and also lacks a non-slip grip. The grip panel is painted but not coated with a rubber sheet, making it pretty hard to hold with oily or sweaty hands. Here is how far can a nail gun shoot?


  • Supports concrete-concrete fastening.
  • Rare jamming issues.
  • Precision-muzzle for maximum accuracy.
  • Adjustable drive depth.


  • A bit bulky.

ST64 14-gauge concrete nailer is designed for heavy-duty construction applications and is a perfect choice for contractors. Its sturdy internal mechanisms coupled with a highly-efficient air-based power source guarantee efficient performance even in the most demanding projects.

5. Woodpecker ST64 14 Gauge – Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer

Woodpecker ST64 14 Gauge

Next on our list is Woodpecker concrete T-nailer. It is a heavy-duty tool that is powerful enough to drive nails into both new and old concrete surfaces. This air-powered nailer operates at pressures between 150-200 psi and is ranked amongst the most powerful concrete nailers on the market.

The most standout part of the nailer is its user-friendly ergonomics. An oversized handle with a secure grip minimizes hand fatigue and offers better control even with sweaty hands. Plus the front exhaust system keeps the oil and debris away from the operator’s face.

We also found the construction quality pretty impressive. With an aluminum die-cast body and metallic internals, it is a rugged nail gun that promises durability and long-term performance. However, it weighs more than 8 pounds and is heavier than its counterparts.

We also loved its unique safety mechanism. The gun is equipped with a thickened safety frame on both sides to minimize the risk of dry and accidental firing. Also, you would get a quick reloading magazine that can accommodate up to 200 nails depending upon the nail size.

A latch on the side allows you to quickly load nails during the operation. Remember this nail gun is compatible with nail sizes from ¾ inch to 2 ½ inches. The biggest issue we experienced with the guns is frequent jamming issues in contact firing mode. These issues occur due to incorrect pressure adjustments.


  • Heavy-duty nail gun.
  • Oversized handle with a secure grip.
  • Unique safety mechanism.
  • Quick loading mechanism.


  • Frequent jamming issue.

Woodpecker ST64 is a dedicated concrete nailer that is ideal for concrete flooring, roofing, and fencing. From impressive driving power to safety mechanisms and user-friendly ergonomics it offers everything you can expect from the best concrete nail gun.

6. Air Locker CN64A3K Heavy Duty Concrete T Nailer Kit

Air Locker CN64A3K

The final product that made its way to our list of best concrete nail guns is Air Locker CN64A3K. This nail gun is designed with the need of heavy-duty construction application in mind and comes equipped with a sturdy diver pin and a strong pneumatic power source.

It operates with 14 gauge nails ranging from ½ – 2 1/1 inches in length. The best part of this nail gun is that it drives the nail deep down and bending issues are very rare. Additionally, it features a safety lock that prevents dry shots and accidental dry firing to mitigate risks of damage and injuries.

Plus you will get a quick-release non-piece offering a tool-free jam clearance. An adjustable exhaust keeps the oils and dust away from your face and ensures the operator’s health safety. This gun features a rugged aluminum body and sturdy internals for maximum durability and long-term performance.

However, it weighs around 20 pounds and is one of the heaviest nail guns on the market. These features limit its mobility and make it pretty hard to handle for a longer time. Finally, the magazine can hold up to 100 nails depending upon the nail size. Plus, a side-loading mechanism allows you to load the nails during the operation. You can also check out the best nail guns for crown molding.


  • Tool-free jam clearance.
  • Adjustable exhaust.
  • Fast loading magazine.
  • Safety lock.


  • Heaviest nail gun.

Air Locker CN64A3K is a complete concrete nailer kit that includes two sets of 14-gauge nails and a powerful nail gun. This nail gun is powerful enough to drive nails in both old and new concrete surfaces and is perfect for demanding construction projects.

Buying Guide – How to Choose Concrete Nail Guns

While roaming around the market you will come across plenty of nail guns with multiple designs, power sources, and driving abilities making it challenging to figure out the gun that suits best your needs. Without knowing the crucial features and design aspects of a nail gun you cannot find the best nail gun for concrete.

To help you out there, we have discussed the critical features of the best concrete nail guns. Along with features, we have explained how these guns are suitable for a specific application. So here are the critical features you must consider while buying a new concrete nail gun.

Buying Guide - How to Choose Concrete Nail Guns
Infographic: Buying Guide – How to Choose Concrete Nail Guns

Type Of Nail Gun

You can find various types of nail guns like brad nailers, framing nailers, wood nailers, concrete nailers, and Multi-purpose nailers. The best idea is to get a dedicated concrete nailer. These nail guns are equipped with strong power sources and sturdy internals making them powerful enough to penetrate through hard concrete surfaces.

However, these guns belong to the industrial sector and are very expensive. Plus you would find a few dedicated concrete guns on the market. Multi-purpose guns are capable of dealing with different materials like cement, concrete, wood, and steel.

If you are looking for a nail gun for small repairs and renovation projects, it is the best option for you. These guns are less powerful than dedicated concrete guns but are widely used by DIYers and small-business owners in concrete-based projects.

Power Source

Nail Guns are divided into two categories depending upon the power source they use.

The first type is Battery-Powered Cordless nail guns. These nail guns offer the highest mobility and portability. These guns are powered by rechargeable batteries and do not require an external power source. However, these guns have limited driving force and cannot penetrate deep down into the concrete. Therefore it is advised to avoid battery-powered nail guns for concrete projects.

The second type is air-powered or pneumatic nail guns. They have an air compressor connected with them and are by far the most powerful nail guns. The driving power of the pneumatic nail guns depends upon the air pressure at which they operate. The minimum pressure required to drive a nail into concrete is 150 psi. Therefore it’s ideal to find nail guns offering an air pressure between 200-250 psi.


Jamming issues are very common in nailers and staple tools. These issues can occur due to multiple reasons like mishandling, malfunctioning of internal parts, and incorrect settings. You cannot find a product that is totally free of these issues and therefore you must look for the one offering a tool-free jam-clearance mechanism.

For example, advanced nail guns come with a quick-release nose or quick-release lever that lets you clear the jam without using a single tool. It saves you a lot of time and effort you otherwise put to unscrew the gun’s body to access its internal parts.

Nial Size

Another important feature of nail guns is their compatibility with a specific nail size. The nails used in construction and renovation projects range in length from ¾-3 inches. It is advised to invest in a nail gun that is compatible with a wide range of nail sizes. Generally, concrete nail guns are compatible with nail size ranging from ¾-2 1/2 inches.

Only a few options can be used for 3-inch nails. The thickness or strength of nails is measured in gauges. In concrete-based projects, 14-18 gauge nails are used. So, it is critical to figure out the length and thickness of nails you are using before buying a new nail gun for concrete.

Drive Depth Adjustment

Drive depth adjustment is another critical feature. You need to adjust the drive depth according to the requirement of the work you are doing. For example, the drive depth requirement of a wooden object is different for a steel surface. So, it is a critical feature and you must look for a gun offering a quick and tool-free drive depth adjustment feature.

Sequential Vs Bump Firing

Concrete nail guns work in two different firing modes, Sequential and Bump Firing. Bump or contact firing is a mode that allows you to drive the nail at a faster pace. In this mode, you keep on holding the trigger and for every contact against the surface a nail is driven.

This firing mode is a bit tricky and only experienced workers can maintain the accuracy and precision. Sequential or single firing mode is a more controlled mode that requires you to bump the nail gun first and then push the trigger to fire a nail.

This firing mode is ideal for inexperienced workers since there are fewer chances of miss-shots. Plus, this firing mode is ideal for working on sensitive areas like corners.

Safety Lock

The safety lock is a critical feature of concrete nail guns that prevents accidental or dry firing. Accidental firing can damage the material and also results in injuries and jamming issues. Therefore safety lock is a critical factor of nail guns that prevent dry firing and ensures the worker’s and tool’s safety.

Design Ergonomics

For an untiring experience and to minimize physical fatigue it is advised to buy a nail gun featuring user-friendly ergonomics. The most important thing you need to consider is the weight and dimension of the product.

Lightweight and compact products are pretty easy to handle and significantly reduce hand and wrist fatigue. A user-friendly grip is also an essential feature. You must look for a user-friendly secure grip for maximum control over tools and untiring experience.

The position of the air compressor and exhaust is also critical.  Nail guns having air compressors at the rear offer impressive space clearance making it pretty handy to use. The ideal position for exhaust is the front part of the nail gun. An exhaust installed at the front keeps the oils and debris away and ensures health safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can a nail gun shoot into concrete?

Yes, pneumatic nails guns that operate at a pressure of 150 psi and above can shoot into concrete. Concrete nail guns are powerful enough to drive both galvanized and hardened nails into hard concrete surfaces with maximum efficiency.

What gauge of nail gun do I need?

The gauge of the nail gun you need depends upon your project requirements. It depends upon the thickness of nails you are using in your building project. For instance, 14-18 gauge nail guns are used for concrete nailing.


We can safely conclude that concrete nail guns require more power and efficiency than wood and steel nails guns. All the products on our list are tested for quality performance and deliver reliable performance in different applications and scenarios. To make your way even easier we have selected our two favorites.

The compatibility of nail guns with nails and accessories of other brands is an important consideration to be made. It is the best idea to find a versatile and future-proof nail gun that is compatible with nails and attachments of other brands.

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