How Far Can A Nail Gun Shoot?

Nowadays almost everyone is using power tools for elevating their carpenting experience and offering a smoother execution without any extra load. It is quite easy to hold and even easier to use even in difficult circumstances.

How Far Can A Nail Gun Shoot

If you have used a nail gun in any of your projects, you must have this curiosity to aim it at something and see if it strikes as forcefully as a real gun. Even if it is comparable, you would want to see how far can a nail gun shoot.

While some people don’t realise the strength and force from which the nail gun shoots, it is quite severe as it is literally ejecting nails. In this blog, we’ll be discussing the strength at which the nail gun can shoot.

How Far Does A Nail Gun Shoot?

Carpenters use nail guns in many different situations and environments that can have an effect on their performance, mostly a positive impact. We’re going to analyse different factors and components that make up a nail gun to predict its shooting strength.

How Far Does A Nail Gun Shoot

Stopping Power

Initially, to assess the strength of any nail gun, it is mandatory to analyse the recoil and the force through which the nails that have been fired hits the target from a distance. This force is known as the stopping power which determines how strong is the shooting ability of any weapon that is measured in foot-pound units.

The more force or the more stopping power a gun has, the more foot-pounds will increase. If your gun had a higher stopping power then it is more likely to shoot according to the determined feet.

Types of Nailers

Pneumatic Nailers

Pneumatic nailers are relatively smaller and lighter nail guns that can shoot up to 134 feet per seconds, when using the shortest nails.

You’ll see a significant decrease in distance when shooting longer nails and with consecutive shots the shooting force will also reduce because of the gun’s battery.

Types of Nailers

Heavy Duty Nailers

Most heavy duty nailers have the power same as small handguns holding the strength to shoot the nails with high speed. Some nail gun models are designed in such a way to eject the nails at a maximum speed of 472 meter per second.

The driving force of these nailers are equivalent to a 10mm i.e 0.2 caliber gun, either a long-range rifle, pistol, or revolver. Moreover, the shooting ratio can exceed up to 150 meter per second ranging over 500 meters. Thus, it is recommended to use nail guns, especially heavy duty nailers with care and caution.

Can a Nail Gun Be Used As Weapon?

Although nail guns are quite similar to most firearms, both of these guns have different purposes for which it is designed. Not only the ammo used in both of these guns are different i.e nails and bullets, but the objectives also vary.

With a single nail gun, you can use many different types and sizes of nails that need to apply several methods to drill in the walls. However, in terms of actual weapons, the bullets are specifically designed to only be used via them.

Can a Nail Gun Be Used As Weapon

It is difficult to consider a nail gun, particularly pneumatic nailers, as a part of your weapons because it needs extra force which is additionally boosted by an air compressor.

Although it reduces your input and requires less personal strength, your range of shooting and portability of taking the gun anywhere you want would be reduced too. There are other options you can try that are used to fulfill light tasks and would be more portable and easily accessible.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have reached the end of this blog, you might be having some major questions rushing to your mind. Some of the most frequently asked questions are listed below:

Which nail is the longest to use for a nail gun?

The length of the nail to be used is determined according to the design model of the nail gun. The shortest nail that can be driven from any nail gun can of 2-⅜ inches while the longest nail can be measured as 2 inches.

Is it appropriate and compatible to use a nail gun as a weapon?

No, a nail gun isn’t an appropriate tool to be used as a weapon as you won’t be able to protect yourself when shooting nails through it due to no defense option.

Moreover, it doesn’t even have that much of a kick that you would think which won’t even hit your opponent, instead making them more mad at you.

Is a nail gun dangerous to use?

Yes, like every power tool, you should be very careful when handling nail guns as any mishap or loss of focus can result in severe injuries or even sometimes death. The most common effect of a nail gun can be punctured fingers or hands but it can cause even more if mishandled.

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