How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator

Air compressor has quite a few significant features and it can be used for nearly everything. However, the most common type of query that most people bring is related to pressure. If you are dealing with an air compressor on a daily basis then primarily you should know how to adjust the air compressor pressure regulator as it is extremely simple and you can do it yourself easily.

How to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulator is designated for increasing and decreasing PSI ratio in which the compressed air is released from it. There is a constant need of adjust pressure as per the usage of different tools and applications.

Although most people are often confused about the detailed and comprehensive steps. We have compiled some easy to follow and simple structures because adjusting the pressure regulator can be a little tricky. Also check out, how an air compressor works.

Steps to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator

When adjusting the pressure regulator, there are some preprocessing steps that might be followed. Initially, you should take a look at the mechanics of the air compressor and whether or not it has been installed with accurate settings. Secondly, as every compressor has different requirements, buttons, and models, thus keeping the instruction manual with you is essential not to get lost with the buttons.

After making sure that every functionality is at the right spot then follow the steps below to regulate pressure.

Steps to Adjust Air Compressor Pressure Regulator

Switching on Air Compressor

First of all you have to turn on the air compressor by connecting it. Every model has different types of procedures for turning on the model and you should take a peek in the instruction manual to know more about it.

Particularly, you should ensure that the pressure switch is turned off before connecting it to the power supply. 

Filling the Tank

After you turn the switch on, you have to leave it as is so that the tank can fill completely with the air. Usually, compressors beep when the compressed air has reached the maximum. You’ll find it filled in just a short span. Also read, how to adjust air compressor pressure switch.

Filling the Tank

For instance, if you want 125 to 135 PSI to be filled in the tank then you’ll have to wait only for 5 minutes. The more pressure you want the more time will be needed to fill the tank. Read the guide in how to refill CO2 in an air compressor.

Increasing tool Compatibility as per Pressure

Next, you have to make sure that the tool you’re using is compatible with the pressure that you need. Every air compressor comes with an indication of PSI compatibility. If the PSI of the tool isn’t specified and just mentioned as higher then you can get an air compressor with higher capability.

If somehow your air compressor and tool aren’t pressure compatible then it may result in ruining the mechanics of both of them.

Connecting Hoses & Tools

After that you can connect your hoses and tools from air compressor to air tool. You can connect the hose with the help of a port that is meant for connecting tools. But, most of the time, the port or the nozzle is hidden in the rubber section and you have to pull it back to get the nozzle out.

Adjusting Pressure Regulator

Finally, you’re prepared to adjust your air compressor’s pressure regulator. Initially, you have to find the knob that may be near the regulator. It has the feature to lock and unlock the pressure level. So, just push it to lock, and pulling will unlock it for use.

Next, when you need to increase the pressure then turn that knob clockwise or if you need low pressure then rotate it anti-clockwise. After getting the right pressure, you can lock it.


As we’ve reached the end, it’s time to answer some of the queries that are mentioned below:

Is it necessary to use multiple pressure regulators for an air compressor?

The usage of pressure regulators and quantity of air depends on the tools you’re using with it. If the demand of your work is heavy then you should use separate regulators for every tool. However, if your work requires only one then using the same pressure would be enough.

Is the pressure switch and pressure regulator the same?

No, both the pressure switch and pressure regulator have different jobs to do. A pressure regulator regulates pressure to the tool and you have to adjust it accordingly. While the pressure switch is just needed to turn on and doesn’t require adjustment.

What is the ideal air pressure needed to operate air tools?

Most of the tools that work on air compressors require pressure from 70 to 90 psi. However, different tools have different compatibility level.


Air compressors have so many different features that it is difficult to keep up with them all. So, if you have a daily interaction with an air compressor then you must learn about all of those options. Taking pressure regulations for instance, you had to do it quite frequently as per the demand of your usage.

We have mentioned some of the easiest steps to regulator pressure so that the air released wouldn’t just burst but slowly and gradually transfer.

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