How To Fill Hpa Tank With Air Compressor

Nowadays, air compressors are being used almost everywhere from decorating your interiors to fixing the essentials. However, if you’re considering working on the maintenance side then you must know how to fill hpa tank with air compressor.

How To Fill Hpa Tank With Air Compressor

These high pressure tanks are the best way to safely fill the air. Although every HPA tank’s model varies depending on the features, it’ll no longer take more than some minutes to understand the mechanics.

Most people think of it as quite a difficult task but we’re going to give you some basic steps to fill the hpa tank like a professional operator.

Filling HPA Tank with Air Compressor

Gather your tools

We’ll start by prepping the tools so that we can go along with the process in a constant flow. These tools include air compressor, HPA tank, nozzle, safety essentials, and hose.

Prepping the HPA Tank

Leakage in a tank will not only hamper your ability to complete the filling but is also a safety hazard that can cause some serious damage. To prevent this from happening, check your HPA tank beforehand and inspect for any signs of leakage. If one is found, see if you can repair it yourself and if that is not an option, contact an expert. Here is the a guide on how to fill the paintball tank with air compressor.

Filling HPA Tank with Air Compressor

Release Existing Air

Before refilling an HPA tank, you will have to remove any access air inside the tank beforehand. Avoid closed rooms, garages or any tight spaces when emptying the tank as it can cause breathing problems that could lead to serious health problems. Once when you are in a well-ventilated area, open the air valve and let all the air come out.

Connect Hose to Each Sid

Once the tank has been properly emptied and checked for any possible leakages, an air compressor can be used to fill the tank. Locate the nozzles on the tank and the air compressor and then connect them. See that they are tightly shut or air leaks can ruin the process.

Switch on the Air Compressor

Find a power source and connect the air compressor with it. Make sure the compressor is properly charged for battery-powered compressors. And once again be sure to check whether all connections are firmly secured so no issues come during the air filling phase.

Switch on the Air Compressor

Make sure the maximum PSI matches the one needed for the HPA tank or the process would fail and you would have to set things up again removing the access air and starting over. Now turn on the processor so the filling process can begin. Be patient as the air compressor fills the tank.

Measure the PSI

To know whether the tank is full or some more air is needed, keep an eye on the PSI. The PSI will be responsible for showing how much more air is needed for filling the tank or whether the tank is already full. To read the PSI reading, there will be a pressure switch on the air compressor that tells the exact PSI measure.

Unplug the air compressor

When your HPA tank is completely filled just power off the compressor by unplugging the power supply. After that you can easily detach the hose from both sides and remove the nozzle to separate the air compressor with the tank.


What are the tips to measure the air compressor’s PSI?

The important steps to implement even before getting started with the filling procedure is to assess the pressure on which your air compressor operates. It would not only help in the process but also keep it safe from bursting.

Among the two pressure gauges located on each side of the compressor. The left one is responsible for indicating all the information about the tank’s initial pressure. While the right gauge shows the pressure produced for filling.

Both of these gauges can help you determine the PSI.

Is it possible to fill an HPA tank at a gas station?

You can easily fill any portable tank from any gas station having a pump for tire inflation. While it has its own perk like saving the cost, it has to be taken somewhere to be filled. That’s the reason why most people try doing it on their own using an air compressor.


There is no rocket science or any tacky steps when it comes to using an air compressor especially for filling the HPA tank. Once you understand the main mechanics of the device, you won’t find any complications.

While it is important to the usage, it is also essential to know about the maintenance. Always keep it in a secured place on a cool and dry shelf. Moreover, you must implement all the safety features during the inflation process.

It should also be noted that if you detect any sort of compressed air leakage from anywhere then it is best to leave it to the professionals.

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