How to fill Paintball tank with Air Compressor

Paintball is a great way of painting your walls faster and effectively. These are generally the type of guns that excrete the paint out as if to shoot paintball using compressed air. Most paintballs compress carbon dioxide in their tanks that makes it an actual gun and is responsible for pushing the pellets all the way from shaft reaching to the end point.

How to fill Paintball tank with Air Comressor

The problem occurs when filling this tank as for optimum usage, the painters must know how to fill paintball tank with air compressor on their own. It is important to refill and maintain these tanks because if not then it won’t have the same shooting impact, resulting in the decrease in compression by the gas.

Although carbon dioxide is considered as one of the most expensive gases, especially when the entire purpose of it is pushing a pellet and you’re practicing with it. In this blog, we’ll be suggesting ways of filling a paintball tank with an air compressor.

Filling Paintball Tank with Air Compressor

Filling a paintball tank is quite easy with the help of air compressor as it entirely relies on compressed gas for smooth excretion of paint.

Figuring out Tank PSI

Every tank has an indicator showing the PSI it should contain and typically, for most paintball tanks, the pressure is 4500 PSI so it is recommended if you don’t find an indicator even then don’t go above that. If you want to inflate a pool with an air compressor, click here.

Filling Paintball Tank with Air Compressor

Attaching Filling Nozzle

Now, it’s time to attach the filling nozzle by checking the attachment connecting to the air tank. You’ll find a tiny black o-shaped ring which is designed for preventing any air pressure releasing, after being attached to the tank. So, you just have to stretch the collar attached to expose the central needle. You can attach it to your tank using the filling nozzle and ensure it is tightly attached by moving it.

For most people, it gets difficult to locate the o-shaped ring which means that the air has been leaking and the tank should be replaced. Here is how to fill HPA tank with air compressor.

Gradually Filling Tank

Once the filling nozzle is attached, you can let the compressed air slowly release to the tank. All you have to do is push the compressor lever. Moreover, some advanced compressors also come with several buttons so in such cases, you just have to push the button just once and the tank will fill up slowly itself.

Gradually Filling Tank

Keeping an Eye on Both Gauges

It should be noted that there are two gauges in the tank. Initially, the basic one has the paintball gun attached while the other is connected to the compressors. When you’re filling the tank, you have to make sure to look towards both of these gauges because they work quite similarly, so you have to ensure that they won’t undergo any mishap. You can also check, how to refill CO2 tank with an air compressor.

Preventing a Hot Fill

One of the most common blunders that most rookies make is increasing the filling pressure to get the job done faster. It is known as hot fill in the industrial language and it happens when the operator pushes the button or lever numerous times. It can cause compressed air blasting the entire tank caused by elevating the gauge in an abnormal way.

Detaching the Hose

After you have released the pressure, then you just have to detach the pipe from the filling nozzle. Push back the collar to hide the central metal again and remove the filling pipe from its attachment as well. You can also read, how to use a spray gun with an air compressor.


Hopefully, we have completely explained the step by step process of filling your paintball  tank using an air compressor. Some of your anticipated queries are answered below:

Can a regular tire compressor be used to fill the tank?

No, You can’t use the tire compressor simply because it doesn’t have enough pressure that is needed to get the paintball tank filled up. The maximum pressure that can regular tire compressor can handle is 180 PSI whereas the paintball tank needs a minimum of 3,000 PSI for completely filling it. You must use an industrial grade air compressor that can release around 4,500 PSI pressure.

What type of paintball tank is better?

When it comes to paintball guns, there are two types of tank including carbon dioxide tank and High-pressure compressed air tank. Although they both are built for similar use, the mechanics are quite different. CO2 tanks are heavily popular, however, HPA is reliable.


A paintball gun is of no use when the compressed air in its tank is released. You have to refill the tank for revamping the performance and regaining the ability of the paintball gun. It will help you in shooting paintballs just like when you first bought it. However, not everyone is familiar with the mechanics required in filling the paintball tank. If you follow the defined steps properly then you can regain strength quite safely.

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