How to Inflate a Pool with an Air Compressor?

Nowadays, an air compressor is one of the handiest tools that anybody can use to carry out different tasks. Its usage can be effective during the inflation process of several tools and equipment. So, if you’re wasting your summers just because you don’t know how to inflate a pool with an air compressor then it can be achieved by following some easy steps.

How to Inflate a Pool with an Air Compressor

Pool is refreshing to start your summers and can be a good outlet for your children as the temperature rises. Although there can be several ways to blow the pool, yet if you have an air compressor then it can be the quickest and smartest way to fill up the air. The method is almost the same as using the air compressors for tires.

In this article, we’ll be suggesting an easy way to fill gas in your inflatable pool.

Inflating Pool with an Air Compressor

It is recommended to accurately follow the steps below for quick and easy inflation. You can fill up all your inflatables with this method very efficiently.

Gather Your Tools

We’ll start by prepping the tools so that we can go along with the process in a constant flow.

Gather your tools

These tools include inflatable pool, air compressor, hose, nozzle, and safety essentials.

Prepping the Air Compressor

After getting all your equipment ready, it’s time to prepare the air compressor. You have to ensure proper checking before using the air compressor. If you’re using a brand new compressor then you should properly assemble it.

Whereas if you’re using an old compressor lying around for a long time then you should check for the leaks and fluctuations. Some air compressors require a few minutes for building up before actually using it.

Release Existing Air

Before inflating the pool, you will have to remove any access air inside the tank beforehand. Avoid closed rooms, garages or any tight spaces when emptying the tank as it can cause breathing problems that could lead to serious health problems.

Release Existing Air

Once when you are in a well-ventilated area, open the air valve and let all the air come out.

Connecting Hose

Once the air compressor is completely ready to work, attach the hose within the nozzle you can find on the top. After that you should check the air inlet valve of the pool along the sides. Just open it and take the hose from the air compressor connecting it to the valve.

Try fitting the hose tightly in the valve, for this purpose, you may need a different attachment of the nozzle as per the pool’s inlet opening.

Filling up the Air

After fitting both the hoses tightly, just switch on the air compressor and let the air flow to the pool. You’ll find the pool getting filled up gradually. During this step, you are recommended to keep an eye on the pool constantly and once the size is enough for you, you can switch it off.

Filling up the Air

You should immediately close the valve to avoid any leaks as the gas is mostly carbon dioxide, even a small amount can intoxicate your environment.


Once you’re done with filling up the pool, you can detach the hose from both ends i.e from air compressor nozzle to pool nozzle. You should also open up the drain valve to drain all the moisture gathering up to avoid rust.


Can you easily blow a kid’s pool with a high pressure air compressor?

Yes, you can easily blow your child’s pool with a high pressure air compressor but it can be a sort of risk that may result in bursting the pool. The wise decision is to choose the air compressor depending on the size of product you want to inflate. But if you still insist on filling up the pool with a high pressure compressor then you have to keep an eye on it all the time as it readily fills up.

Is an air compressor safe for inflating pools?

Yes, it is completely safe and quite quick to inflate a pool with an air compressor. However, it requires constant attention to avoid any mishap during the process. A slight snooze or a small errand can cause the air to overflow, damaging the pool.


If you want to know how to inflate a pool with an air compressor then you have to learn all the ways to properly do it to actually save your time and money. It will also be helpful for increasing the lifespan of these pools.

It should be noted that the pressure ratio of your air compressor must be compatible with the size of the pool. Otherwise either the pool won’t entirely blow or the heavy pressure may result in damaging the pool. You have to be constantly alert throughout the process.

If you have successfully managed to blow the pool then it’ll be the reason of joy and relief to you and your family, this summer.

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