How to Install Shoe Molding without a Nail Gun

When it comes to carpentry jobs these days, you can’t even start one without having the right tools. For any such case when your nail gun stops working, you must know basic tasks like how to install shoe molding without a nail gun.

How to Install Shoe Molding without a Nail Gun

We are relying on these tools so much that it is difficult to work without them. The nail gun can help you wrap up any hefty task in just some minutes without any effort. Particularly when installing shoe molding around the doors, it is quite helpful with precision.

In this blog, we’ll be suggesting an easy way to install shoe molding without your power tools

Installing Shoe Molding without Nail Gun

It may seem hectic to install shoe molding without any power tools but just trust the process as we’ve compiled some of the easiest steps with which you may get a fine molding without extra efforts. Also read, how to install quarter round without a nail gun.

Gather your Materials

Before getting to the main process, it is important to gather your materials nearby so that the process won’t be interrupted. All you need is construction glue, miter saw, molding, sand paper, liquid nails, measuring tape, and the X-acto knives.

Prep Your Equipment

Start by prepping the items that need to be checked before applying any method on it. You have to ensure that the area where the molding will be installed and the molding itself is clean.

Prep Your Equipment

Only get the durable acrylic paint for shoe molding specifically latex to block stains and be reliable even in rough usage.

When installing without a nail gun, it is recommended to use a lightweight so that construction glue would be able to hold it.

Prime the Molding

You shouldn’t buy pre-primed and painted moldings, instead do it yourself before getting started with the installation process.

Measure the Shoe Molding

Take the measuring tape and calculate the area of the wall where you want your molding to be installed. Once you’ve measured the wall, apply those calculations on the molding and trim it with the miter saw.

Measure the Shoe Molding

Cut the Molding

After measuring, it’s time to cut the shoe molding. You can start by measuring the section which you want to cut. Use your 60 teeth blade to cut at a tilted angle of 45°.

You have to make sure that you’re cutting the moulding face up. The tilted angle is needed for making your molding completely set around the brink of the wall. After accurately cutting the molding, you have to sand the edges for smooth corners.

Glue the End

Once you have fitted the molding around the wall, you should glue its ends to lay off the base. It is important to place it exactly around the section you’re chosen as only a minor mistake can ruin the entire interior of your house.

Glue the End

Most handymen lay the molding in its place properly and then start gluing it for fitting all the sides in a proper manner. Once you have managed to do this, you’ll be done for the day.

Let it Set

Lastly, it is all about setting the molding which can be done by drilling a hole just above.

You can use a drilling machine or just the old-school hammer for screwing all the nails within the trim. All these nails must be set up properly.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have reached the end of this blog, you must be having some questions regarding installation. A few of them are answered below:

Is it possible to glue the mold to avoid nailing?

You won’t need to apply glue or drill a nail into the mold if you manage to install a baseboard above it. However, it is important to set it up exactly like the mold.

Can liquid nails be used for shod molding?

Yes, all you need is some strict adhesives for completely attaching the trim to the brink of the door. So, for this purpose, any substance having strong adhesion is welcome to apply.

Why do I need to wear safety equipment?

During this kind of task even if it’s at home, you can’t predict any mishap. There can be a possibility that you fall from the stool where you’re standing to attach the trim or the door breaks on you.


After thorough analysis of this process, we have learnt that we don’t necessarily need advanced equipment and tools to get the work done. You can perform even a highly relied task like installing a shoe molding easily while saving a considerable time without even needing a nail gun.

All you need is some basic knowledge about the handywork, right equipment, proper measurements, and only related steps to get the task done.

If you have followed the above suggested steps with proper care and used only the best glue and stain then the mold can last much longer.

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