How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun [3 Easy Steps]

Having to hammer hundreds of nails into anything might seem like the most frustrating thing ever. All thanks to technological advancements, the release of newer and more efficient gadgets has made human life so much easier. One of such gadgets is a Bostitch nail gun. It is smart, durable, and reliable.

How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun

However, you may find yourself in jeopardy when it comes to loading it. A few years back, I found myself in the exact same position you are today. Being a carpenter, the one thing I hated the most was my hands getting accidentally smashed by the hammer.

I knew I had to upgrade the ways of working. That is when I found the new Bostitch nail gun. The task of loading the gun seemed a little daunting, particularly because of the lack of proper guidelines. Looking at that ridiculously unhelpful information manual full of technical jargon may frighten you even further. But hold your breath because you are in for a treat. Check out the best nail guns available in the market.

How to Load a Bostitch Nail Gun

I am about to simplify things by breaking down the process into simple steps. Read all these steps carefully and try to follow them in the correct order for the sake of your own safety a well as your gun.

Step 1: Unplug The Nail Gun

First things first, you need to make sure that the switch of your Bostitch nail gun is unplugged from the main power board. You may feel like it is unnecessary but believe me, you can get the worst electrocutions all because of your carelessness. Moreover, you don’t want the machine to shoot nails while you are loading the gun with nails. So, always ensure that you unplug the device first.

Unplug Nail Gun

Step 2: Work The Slide Latch

Once you are done unplugging the nail gun, feel safe to inspect your gun and locate a slide latch. It is a knob-like thing you will most definitely find at the side of the gun. It has a spring adjusted inside it.

Work The Slide Latch

You will have to pull the slide latch down. It may feel a little stiff at first, but a few times use will soften it out. Anyways, once you locate the latch, pull it down far enough until you hear a clicking sound, which means that it is locked in place.

Step 3: Load The Gun

Once the sliding latch is locked in place, look out for the arrows on the sides that will indicate the positioning of the nails in which they should be loaded. The rest is simple; just keep on adding more nails until the capacity is full. You can also check, how to load Dewalt nail gun

Load The Gun

When you are done, release the latch from its locking position, and voila! You are ready to roll.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bostitch nailers any good?

Bostitch nail guns are absolutely outstanding in terms of performance and durability. It is fast and reliable, which means that you can get more work done in very little time. So, no more hitting hands with the traditional hammer while you try to make a living. However, the only downside to the Bostitch nail gun is that it is not very comfortable to hold. Thus it may cause your wrists to become sore.

Can you use any nails in a Bostitch nail gun?

One of the best things about Bostitch nail guns is that they are perfectly compatible with all brands of nails. So, you don’t have to stroll the markets in search of a specific brand of nails. However, you will still have to be very careful with getting the proper size of the nails because otherwise, you might have to face the problem of a possible jam.

How can I load my Bostitch nail gun?

Loading your Bostitch nail gun is one of the simplest tasks ever. You just have to stick to a pattern, and you are good to go. The steps include unplugging the nail gun from the power source and locating the sliding latch. Once you find the latch, pull it down until it is locked in place and follow the arrow drawings to figure out the direction the nails go into the nail gun. Load the nails and release the latch.

Watch the video to know more about Bostitch Nail Gun


So, you see how easy it is to load a Bostitch nail gun? All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned earlier very carefully and precisely; otherwise, you may end up getting seriously hurt. No matter which model you own, you will find these steps very useful because they are all familiar in terms of structure and loading mechanism.

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