How to Load Dewalt Nail Gun [Step by Step Guide]

I believe the reason you are here is that you have finally given up on trying to understand the loading procedure of your brand new Dewalt nail gun from the extremely unhelpful instructions manual that accompanied it. It is a nightmare, I know.

How to Load Dewalt Nail Gun

The technical jargon used in the manual would have made the whole thing seem like a very tough job to you. But the reality is quite the opposite. Trust me, when I first bought the Dewalt nail gun myself, I couldn’t even understand what the manual was trying to explain.

I was so convinced that I was incapable of using it that I took the nail gun for return and get my money back. However, the shopkeeper was kind enough not to laugh in my face and showed me a proper way to do it. Also have a look at, the best nail guns in the market.

I figure you are in the same position right now. So, to help you out in the best way I can, I have prepared a simple step-by-step guide as to how to load a Dewalt nail gun without ever needing to refer to the information manual.

How to Load Dewalt Nail Gun

 You are advised to follow these steps in order. Now, without wasting any more of your time, let us cut straight to the chase!

Step 1: Unplug The Nail Gun

Whenever you are working with an electrical device, you must ensure that it is not plugged into the power socket; otherwise, you run at the risk of getting horrendously electrocuted.

Unplug  Nail Gun

And if not, then you may accidentally shoot the nails at yourself or anyone else near you while you load the gun. So, to avoid any such occurrence, always unplug the nail gun before doing anything else.

Step 2: Choose The Correct Size Of The Nails

Choosing the correct size of the nails is crucial in this procedure because any size larger or smaller than that required will cause a problem. For example, if you buy nails bigger than the required size, they won’t fit into the machine, while a smaller size will result in possible jams. So, always be very conscious about buying properly sized nails.

Step 3: Locate And Work The Sliding Latch

After unplugging the Dewalt nail gun, the next thing you need to do is locate the sliding latch. You will most definitely find it on the side of the nail gun. You just have to pull it down until it is locked into place. Here is how you can load a nail gun.

Locate And Work The Sliding Latch

This will expose a narrow space on the side for the nails to load. Take the nails and slide them into the slot. Afterward, release the latch from its locking position, and you are ready to roll!

Frequently Asked Questions

How to load a Dewalt nail gun?

Learning how to load a Dewalt nail gun is simple. Like any other nail gun, Dewalt nail guns also have a sliding latch with an internal spring that you can pull down to expose a loading slit. Slide the nails into the slit and release the latch. Voila! Your new Dewalt nail gun is loaded. However, you have to ensure that the nail gun is not plugged into the power socket throughout the process.

Is Dewalt nail gun good enough?

Dewalt nail gun is simple and easy to use. The ergonomic design will ensure that the least amount of strain falls upon your arms, especially your wrists. It has no equality when it comes to durability and reliability. Besides, you can finally put the traditional ways of doing the job to rest using the Dewalt nail gun.

Is Dewalt nail gun worth buying?

In my opinion, the Dewalt nail gun is definitely worth buying, given the top speed and ease of usability. You will absolutely love the ergonomic style and tough looks of this specific nail gun. Apart from that, it is convenient and reliable, which means that you can finally say goodbye to the painfully time-consuming hammer and nails that used to smash your fingers so often. So, don’t waste any more time and get your hands on one of these beauties asap!

You can watch video to know more about Dewalt Nail Gun


Assuming that you read the complete article very carefully, you now have comprehensive knowledge of loading a Dewalt nail gun efficiently and effectively. However, you must be mindful of following each step properly because any slight mistake can cause you severe damage, either in monetary terms or otherwise. Plus, I suggest you take extra care with the plug issue because you seriously don’t want to get electrocuted. Trust me!

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