How to Make a Vacuum Pump with an Air Compressor?

When we talk about air compressors, the only tool that is similar to it and can match its applications can be a vacuum pump. Both of these devices have almost the same functionalities. So, there isn’t any need to buy them separately instead you can learn how to make vacuum pump with an air compressor, which can be for many purposes.

How to Make a Vacuum Pump with an Air Compressor

The main objective of both devices are slightly different as air compressor refers to specific operations by taking in the air, compressing it and inflating. Whereas, vacuum just sucks the air like a pump. An effective cost saving option if you deal with inflation more often is to maintain your device for increasing its lifespan.

In this blog, we’ll be suggesting a systematic procedure of turning an air compressor to a vacuum pump.

Making Vacuum Pump with Air Compressor

One of the easiest ways of using an air compressor as an alternative to a vacuum pump can be achieved by following some detailed steps. The most interesting part is you don’t need any professional help to efficiently pull this off.

Tools & Materials

Before getting started with the process, it is wise to gather all the tools and materials needed to perform the task quickly and efficiently.

Tools & Materials

These tools include a screwdriver, hose clamp, hose barb, nozzles, epoxy, PVC pipe, and scissors. You’ll also need some safety equipment like gloves and glasses.

Getting the Compressor Ready

After getting all your equipment ready, it’s time to prepare the air compressor. You have to ensure proper checking before using the air compressor. If you’re using a brand new compressor then you should properly assemble it.

Whereas if you’re using an old compressor lying around for a long time then you should check for the leaks and fluctuations. Some air compressors require a few minutes for building up before actually using it.

Attach Vacuum Hose

Following the complete checking of the air compressor, you should attach the vacuum hose with the compressor’s cylindrical hole using epoxy.

Attach Vacuum Hose

This would be the entry point of your gas so it should be sealed. It is recommended to leave the epoxy to dry for at least a day so that the hose is firmly attached.

Connect PVC pipes with Hose barb

After attaching the vacuum hose, it’s time to connect your PVC pipes to the hose barb with the help of a hose clamp. The main reason behind using a hose clamp is not only to firmly connect it but to avoid any mishap because of leakage.

If you don’t have a hose clamp, then you should make sure that it is tightly connected manually. Next, you have to cut a hole within the compressor’s case resembling the width of a vacuum hose. This hole can be connected to the nozzle from which vacuum hose can pass through.

Connect PVC pipes with Hose barb

Detaching the air compressor

Once you have completely followed all the above steps, you have successfully converted your air compressor into a vacuum pump. Now, you can detach all the hoses, nozzles, and epoxy. Moreover, you have to open up the drain valve to drain all the moisture gathering up to avoid rust. Also check out the difference between air pumps and an air compressor.

Frequently Asked Questions

As we have reached the end of this blog, it’s time to answer some of your queries down below:

Can you turn an air compressor into a vacuum pump?

Yes, it is quite easy to turn any air compressor into a vacuum pump, saving you from extra expenses. There isn’t any harm to your device during the process as it can be brought back to its original state after you’ve used the pump.

How long does it take to create pressure in an air compressor?

Any air compressor would take no longer than 5 minutes to exert pressure. If you haven’t used your compressor for a long time then it may need some extra time but other than that it can be readily powered up. Moreover, compressors with higher CFM tend to build up pressure more quickly.

Can I leave some extra air in the air compressor?

Obviously, you can only use the amount of air that is needed by your tools to inflate or power up. So, there is a chance that some of that air is left behind which is completely safe to leave. However, before using it again, it is recommended to release existing gas.


As we have already discussed, both vacuum pump and air compressors are very much alike. This makes both of them in demand for both industrial and residential usage. In your routine life, you can use it for filling up different essentials or draining the moisture out. While commercially, it is used in agriculture, medical, corporates, mining, etc.

So, if you have even one of these devices lying around, it is quite easy to know how to make vacuum pump with an air compressor without putting in any extra effort or money.

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