How To Quiet An Air Compressor [6 Easy Steps]

Air compressor is a handy machine that helps us get out of challenging situations with quite an ease. However, the annoying noise it produces is tough on the ears, and almost everyone wishes to quiet an air compressor. Although advanced air compressors feature noise reduction technology, they actually cost you an arm and a leg.

How To Quiet An Air Compressor

How To Quiet An Air Compressor?

To help you out, I’ve shared some tested and tried methods you can use to make old air compressors noise-free.

1. Rubber Grommets

The rubber material is widely used in different machines to dampen the noise and vibrations. Rubber can absorb a wide range of vibrations and sound waves to reduce the noise. You can buy rubber bands from any local hardware or tool store.

Rubber Grommets

Place a rubber grommet between the air compressor and the surface where it is placed. It will help reduce vibration and noise.

2. Soundproof Box

Soundproof boxes are available in multiple sizes. These boxes use sound fading material either on the inner or outer side of the wall. You can find a soundproof box exactly the size of your air compressor. However, if you are looking for a budget solution, you can easily make a soundproof box at home.

To make a soundproof box, you will need cardboard or plywood. Take the measurements of your air compressor and make a box that can easily accommodate your air compressor along with its moving parts.

Soundproof Box

Now place a sound dampening sheet on the outer side of the box. Then place the machine in the box and operate. You will find a significant reduction in vibration and noise levels.

3. SoundProof Blanket

A soundproof blanket is another handy solution to quiet the air compressor. You can buy acoustic blankets from any local hardware or tools store. Soundproof baskets can absorb a significant part of vibration and sound waves to make your machines quieter.

4. Air Intake System

The noisiest part of the air compressor is its noise intake pipe. If you want to quiet an air compressor, you can use various tricks and techniques to reduce the sound produced during air intake.

Air Intake System

Sound Mufflers

A sound muffler is a piece of equipment that is installed on the noise outlets to dampen the sound. It consists of two parts: an air filter and a sound dampener. It is pipe-like equipment that is installed at the start of the air intake pipe.

When air passes through the rubber part and then the air filter, a big part of vibration and noise is removed before entering the machine. Sound mufflers are available in different sizes like ½-inches, ⅓-inch, and 1-inch.

Also, you can extend the length of air intake by pairing it with a piece of rubber hose or tube. It is not as effective as sound mufflers, but a longer path will significantly drop vibrations and sound levels.

Bring Air Intake Outside

Another effective technique is to bring your air intake outside the closed environments. You can attach a longer tube with air intake and bring it to an open space to reduce the noise level in the work area. Always making an air-tight connection with air intake or air loss will definitely affect the air compressor’s performance.

5. Acoustic Sheets on Wall

The echoed sound is the primary reason for noise when you work in closed rooms. You can significantly reduce the noise level by placing acoustic or noise dampening sheets on the walls. You can find a variety of microfiber and rubber or foam padding on the market.

Acoustic Sheets on Wall

6. Lubricate the Bearings

The moving parts in the machine use bearings that help these parts slide or move against each other. These bearings come in contact with each other and produce a piercing sound.

The noise production is enhanced when the friction is not maintained. We can maintain the friction and reduce noise by lubricating the bearings and moving parts of the air compressor. You can find a wide range of lubricants in any online or local hardware store.

Frequently Asked Questions

What causes a compressor to be loud?

The primary factor that makes the air compressor loud is its air intake mechanism. When air enters the machine, it produces a loud noise and intense vibrations making the compressor loud. Also, the friction of internal parts and vibration produced by the motor make the air compressor loud.

How do I stop my air conditioner from making noise?

You can place the air compressor inside a soundproof box or wrap it in a soundproof blanket. Also, you can stop it from making noise by lubricating its internal parts and adding a sound muffler to its air intake.


I’m hopeful this guide will help you quiet an air compressor under a limited budget. While making any modification to your air compressor make sure you are not restricting the airflow in any way, or you won’t get the best performance out of your device.

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