How to Refill CO2 Tank with Air Compressor?

An air compressor has many worthwhile uses for several components and tools. These can either be used for running different machines or even inflating or filling up gases. However, not every operator knows how to refill CO2 tank with air compressor.

How to Refill CO2 Tank with Air Compressor

For those having frequent need of filling carbon dioxide tanks in air conditioning units or fridge, it is important to know all the quick and easy ways.

Filling the tank with an air compressor can not only be beneficial for saving money but time as well. If you’re aware of the mechanics of the tank and air compressor then you shouldn’t have to worry out the refilling procedure.

In this blog, we’ll be discussing different steps of refilling CO2 tanks with air compressors.

Refilling CO2 Tank

If you’ve high usage of carbon dioxide then you must often run out of gas in the tank. It needs to put in extra effort and much inconvenience to get the right pressure and right amount of gas to be filled.

However, for those having an air compressor, refilling CO2 would be a piece of cake with just some simple and easy to follow steps.

Refilling CO2 Tank

Check for Safety

Before getting along with refilling the tank, you must take some precautionary measures if the tank is safe to be filled with CO2. Now, almost all tanks come with the date printed on the side which tells us when the last time it was checked for hydro-testing.

It is necessary to recheck it after every five years to avoid any mishap. But, if you own a smaller tank then it’s fine without being tested.

You can start if your tank has passed the test or if five years have gone by then you must get it tested before usage. Here is how to fill Paintball tank with an air compressor.

Draining Existing Gas

You can start by adjusting the hose to and from the air compressor and gas tank. Your gas should just be at the right pressure point so that it can easily flow through the streaming hose. In-depth detail on how to drain an air compressor.

Draining Existing Gas

After fitting the hose to the air compressor, adjust the other end in the CO2 tank and screw it tightly to avoid any leakage. You’ll find a bleed-off valve where you have just fit the hose in the tank that should be unscrewed.

It’ll cause all the excess air to move out that is needed to make the refilling process effective. Once all the air is passed out then you can start up the air compressor to fill the new air in.

Filling up the Tank

Before turning the air compressor on, you must screw back the bleed-off valve again. Most people wonder what is the right time to let the air compressor run.

To them the answer is just simple, as you have to check the size of your tank and double it. After that you’ll get the accurate timing for which you have to keep the compressor running.

Filling up the Tank

Keep an eye on your watch and note the time when you turn on. You can have room for error, but it shouldn’t exceed longer so you should be nearby or else your tank is going to blow up.

If your tank is 6 ounces then you’ll be required to wait no longer than 12 and a half minutes as overfilling can cause serious damage to you and your environment.

Shutting Down the Compressor

Once the gas is filled up in the CO2 tank, you’ll be required to turn off the compressor. After that you’ll be needing to unscrew the bleed-off valve again for only two to three seconds to remove any excess air.

You can screw it back again, dettach the hoses and you’re done with refilling the tank.


After reaching the end of the blog, it’s time to answer some of your queries that are mentioned down below:

Is filling up a CO2 tank with compressed gas safe?

Yes, it is completely safe to fill up the CO2 tank with compressed air but the operator is required to be extra alert and attentive towards the procedure.

As carbon dioxide is highly combustible, a slight error can cause terrible outcomes. Therefore, you must follow all the preprocessing steps before getting started with refilling.

Are CO2 tanks and compressed air tanks different?

Compressed air is known to be quite lighter than carbon dioxide. Thus, you must need a high pressure environment to store it. Whereas, with carbon dioxide you can carry out easy storage in a low pressure environment.


Most people find it daunting to refill the CO2 to tank on your own, but if you’re doing it with an air compressor then it should be simple.

We all know the drastic usage of air compressors including filling up compressed air in different tools and equipment for effective running.

It also easily fills up CO2 tanks without any threat or danger of bursting it up. The right amount of pressure will also be maintained for sustainability.

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