How to Use a Spray Gun with Air Compressor

Nowadays, the world is all about doing everything yourself whether it is a plumbing job or painting your bedroom. Although painting looks like an easy task, you’ll find it a bit tricky with brushes and more soothing if only you know how to use a spray gun with air compressor.

How to Use a Spray Gun with Air Compressor

Neither rollers or brushes can cover a wide area without putting in much effort with coating and layering. You can use spray gun powered by an air compressor to get your work done evenly in just two hours at maximum. You can check, how to fill paintball tank with an air compressor.

In this blog, we’ll be discovering ways of using spray guns to get a painting job done professionally by yourself.

Using Spray Gun with Air Compressor

Preparing Tools

Before starting with this DIY job, you’ll have to get all your tools and material in place. Just gather around the spray gun and the air compressor that you want to connect with it.

Preparing Tools

Depending on the area you need to cover, you’ll have to analyze the usage of paint and refilling gas in the air compressor. You’ll have to pick up primer, latex or ordinary paint, enamel for sticking, and acrylic for finnish.

Getting the Wall Ready for Spray Painting

Once you’re done with choosing the section you want to paint, it’s time to prep the surface. If you’re using water-based paints then you must use soap and water to clean it and wipe with clean cloth. Whereas if oil-based paints are your priority then wipe the wall off with spirit or lubricant.

This step can clear all the dirt and dust particles from the surface giving you a clean slate for painting. Once you’re done wiping, just let it dry and sand the surface thoroughly to even it out.

After getting done with sanding, wipe the surface again with a clean cloth and you can carry on with primer. Also check out, how to fill HPA tank with air compressor.

Testing Spray Gun

There are usually two types of spray guns that are categorised as siphon and gravity fed tools. Both of these guns have a control knob or switch so that you can increase or decrease material flow.

Testing Spray Gun

You’ll find this knob on the back side of the spray located at the top. All you have to do is move it from right to left or counterclockwise to let the paint out at full pressure. If your spray gun is working fine as mentioned then you’re ready to prime.

Priming Spray Gun

After testing, you should get started with the priming procedure of a spray gun. Just get a trash bin or a useless cardboard lying around in your stationery section. Next, you have to pull the trigger with full effort and initially some air bubbles will pass out.

Once you get the paint rushing out of the nozzle then your spray gun is completely primed. However, you have to make sure that there is a smooth flow of paint and not any stain or splutter.

Adjusting Pattern As per Requirement

If you have the latest spray guns available in the market then you’ll have to choose between different types of spraying pattern it is going to offer.

Adjusting Pattern As per Requirement

You’ll either go for horizontal flow, vertical or circular flow. These choices are often useful when you’re into graffiti art but if you’re just painting the room straight away then it won’t be needed.

Spraying with Air Compressor

After your gun is all set and prepped, it’s time to connect it with the air compressor. Just attach the hose from the air compressor nozzle to the spray gun’s back. This way it’ll add the pressure to the paint in the section.

After turning on the compressor, try moving the gun slowly either up and down or left to right on the first section, depending on your pattern setting.

Spraying with Air Compressor

Once you’re satisfied with it just move to another section until you’re done.


Do I need a special air compressor for spray painting?

No, that won’t be the case if you’re already having an advanced model of air compressor. The major aspect that depends on it the most is the pressure and spray gun requires a pressure ratio of anywhere between 10 and 30 PSI for smooth flow.

Can I spray latex paint with an air compressor?

Yes, you can spray latex paint with a spray gun connected to an air compressor, however, it won’t be recommended. You would need a broader nozzle to get even paint patterns.


You may find painting to be a hectic task especially when doing it all yourself. But with a spray gun connected to the air compressor, it can be done in no time.

Before diving right ahead with the process, you’ll be prepared for it. You have to be sure about the tools you have, the gun compatibility, its mechanics, and more.

If you follow all the mentioned steps in a systematic manner then you can have the taste of a professional grade painting job all done by you.

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