How To Use Nail Gun With Air Compressor

Most people use air compressors to accomplish almost all the tasks coming up within their routine life. Out of all those tasks, drilling nails on the wall can be the most difficult, without completely knowing how to use nail gun with air compressor.

If you’re a handyman or a DIY person then you would know the importance of nail guns in your gearbox. It helps you in every way from fitting some collapsing tiles on the ceiling to decorating your interiors.

How To Use Nail Gun With Air Compressor

Not every compressor works on every gun, so you have to follow every bit of the procedure to get it done correctly, without putting in any extra effort. In this blog, we’ll be showing you an easy way of using nail gun with an air compressor.

Using Nail Gun with Air Compressor

It is quite simple to use a nail gun with an air compressor only if you know the right item to choose and the right step to follow.

Prep your Tools

Before getting started with the procedure it is recommended to gather the materials and tools so that you can work smoothly without any interruption. All you need is an air compressor, air hose, and a nail gun.

Selecting the Nail Gun

This step completely depends on the task you’re going to accomplish with the nail gun. There are three different types of nail guns i.e finish, framing, and brad meant for different purposes.

Using Nail Gun with Air Compressor

Finish nail gun is used for maintaining defected furniture including cupboards, cabinets, etc. It works the best on wood and other solid surfaces.

Whereas, Framing gun is meant for reconstruction generally for a bigger project like refinishing patio or remaking tool shed. It also works ideally on wood without any damage.

Lastly, Brad nail guns are designed to work on smaller objects like toys, lamps, remote controls, etc.

Select Nails

For those looking to get the nails that secure the best to the surface, go for the ones that have a little adhesive. The nail is separated upon firing and then it can get secured into the place it was fired on.

Apart from adhesive, nails for nail guns can also be held together by paper, plastic or even wires. When working on a project, analyze the type of nails you need. There are two types commonly sold, the rounded ones or the D-shaped ones.

The main difference between the two is how these nails are held together. Clipped nails will be paper bound, whereas rounded nails will be held together by plastic.

Connecting Air Compressor

You should start by attaching the hose within the nozzle you can find on the top. After that you should check the air inlet valve of the gun along the sides and take the hose from the air compressor connecting it to the valve.

Start Working

After switching on the air compressor, you should wait for a few minutes for building pressure. Once pressure is regulated you can press the nail gun’s nozzle against the surface you’re working with and press the button to fire it.

Finishing Off

Once you’ve finished your work with the nail gun, you’re ready to wrap it up. It should be noted that you must leave the nail gun as it is and it would be the last to detach. You don’t have to turn off the air compressor rapidly, give it time by reducing pressure.

Finishing Off

Once the pressure is completely released, you can switch it off and ensure it is completely turned off. Now, you should open up the drain to release all the excess air in the valve to avoid rust buildup.

During this period, it is essential to treat the nail gun as if it’s loaded. After you’re done with the air compressor, you can detach the nail gun from the air hose.


Is it okay to use a tire air compressor for a nail gun?

No, different air compressors have different purposes and you have to use them in the same order. Thus, you should get the compressor specifically meant for nail guns.

Which is the ideal size of air compressor for a nail gun?

It depends on the amount of work you’re going to accomplish with the air compressor. So, it the nailer is going to work the entire day then it is recommended to get a big tank having hefty horsepower.

How much air pressure is needed for a nail gun?

On average, the majority of air tools require air pressure between 70 and 90 PSI.


Using a nail gun can cost you not only your time but also the effort you’re going to put in. However with the help of an air compressor you can do it in just seconds without getting anything distorted or messed up.

All you need to do it get the right type of nails and understand all the basic mechanics of an air compressor to get it moving smoothly.

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