How To Wire 220 Air Compressor?

Air compressor benefits every home and shop due to its limitless usage in different appliances in daily routine. But not everyone knows how to wire an air compressor, especially the one that’s powered with 220 voltage. So, before using it, you must know how to wire a 220 air compressor.

How To Wire 220 Air Compressor

These air compressor with such high voltage are used for special and prompt purposes like powering tools including nail guns, drills, and even for filling up tires and inflatable toys

In this blog, we’ll be discussing the steps to wire 220 volt air compressors for multiple usage.

Wiring a 220V Air Compressor

For beginners, wiring a switch seems to be a time-taking task, yet if you understand the right process with simple steps then it can be achieved in no time.

It is also necessary to follow the mentioned instructions carefully or the procedure can result in ruining your air compressor.

Wiring a 220V Air Compressor

Equipment to Get Started with Wiring

Before diving into the mechanics of wiring the air compressor, it is important to get every tool and equipment sorted. This step can help you get the work done faster and swiftly.

Not only that but you’ll also get the time to analyze whether or not you have all the products needed for wiring.

The equipment and tools include pressure switch, safety gloves, wire stripper, screw drivers, ring terminals.

Shutting down the Power Supply Breaker

Initially, you’ll have to make sure that the power supply plug to which your air compressor is attached is kept near. After that you should completely turn off the power supply to get started with the wiring. This step is essential for avoiding any type of mishap.

If the compressor is plugged in then it’ll have power in switches and after removing the switch cover, it’ll be open to every live terminal. This may lead to electrocuting people who are operating the compressor.

You can just unplug all the primary cords and check the breaker. Also read, how many watts an air compressor uses.

Locating Terminals & Cords

After the switch cover is removed, you can find four terminals organized in sets. There will be two sets which will be thoroughly marked to eliminate any type of confusion.

Locating terminals & cords

You’ll find the first set denoted as line and the other one as load. In the line set you are supposed to attach the power terminal which will hold the pressure switch terminal with its plug. While the motor cord has the motor circuit attached to it with a pressure switch.

There is an easy way of differentiating between both the cords. They’re colored as black and white for motor terminals while green to the ground wires or power terminals.

Connect cords to respective terminals As we have mentioned to use soldering cords, they must be attached to the stripped wires. Making your work easier, you have to just connect those cords to their matching terminals.

Also, there will be two cords i.e. power and motor cords that would not be stripped when you purchased them. In such circumstances, you can decide to either strip these cords or not depending on the usage.

If there’s a need to strip, then just use a wire stripper only to show the small area in the end of the wire. After that you can locate the terminal marks and unscrew all nails to connect the cords.

Reattach the Breaker

Finally, it’s time to plug the switch cover back to its original position. After that, you’ll be free to get it working by turning the power on by plugging back the power supply breaker.


As we’ve reached the end of this blog, you must be having queries related to wiring. Some of them are answered as follows:

Can a 220 volt air compressor be converted to 110 volt?

Yes, a 220 volt air compressor can totally be converted to 110 volts with the help of two simple methods. Initially, you can use the rewiring option and secondly installing new voltage stabilisers to the old ones.

What type of wire is needed for wiring an air compressor?

You don’t get into much trouble for finding the right wire for wiring an air compressor. Just go for any primary 220 volt wire that should not contain polarity so that it won’t bend backwards. As you need a complete circuit you need two switches, both of them should be two-pole type for efficient working.

Can 110 Volt be changed in an air compressor?

Yes, there are many ways of changing volts. You can start by trying to use a motor with a plate for compression, changing the wire position, or even unplugging some wires can also result in lower or higher voltage.


One of the major roles in keeping the mechanics of an air compressor steady is played by the pressure switch. The reason behind it is the constant and consistent usage of the compressor.

Not only is it useful but it can also result in wearing the switch out, needing it to be replaced.

Wiring comes in handy specifically when you’re replacing or installing a new pressure switch in the compressor.

With the right steps and optimal precautionary measures you can get the process of wiring done without any hassle.

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