What is SCFM in Air Compressors?

Most people working with the air compressor in their industries or have to deal with its mechanics more often, then they must be quite aware of SCFM. However, if you’re still wondering what is SCFM in air compressors then we’ve compiled this entire blog to answer all your related queries.

What is SCFM in Air Compressor

SCFM is known to be a critical unit of measurement as it deals with the air pressure which is drastically variable. Not only that you should be aware of different other air compressing units as it’ll help in making the right decision when it comes to accurate weighing and measurements.

If you want to get to know everything about air compressor management, here’s a kickstart for you for making it easier for you to understand the more complex terminologies ahead.

What Is SCFM?

SCFM is the acronym for Standard Cubic Feet for every minute that is used to calculate the rate of gas flow under specific temperature and pressure circumstances. These specific circumstances are set beforehand with 68-degree Fahrenheit temperature and a humidity pressure of 36% at sea level.

What Is SCFM

Mathematically, you can state that the SCFM is inversely proportional to the pressure. So, if your PSI is higher then the SCFM is bound to be low. Moreover, most physicists use an alternate unit of measurement when it comes to SCFM  called the actual cubic feet per minute or ACFM which doesn’t depend on any temperature or pressure condition.

Why Is SCFM Important for Air Compressors?

SCFM is quite important for air compressors as it can help you determine the type of compressor that should be used. It helps the operator to get an idea about the flow of air and how it is freely moving around. Among all the air compressing measurement units, SCFM is considered to be highly effective to designate heavy workflow.

Why Is SCFM Important for Air Compressors

If you would know how much SCFM your air compressor is offering then you can automatically know about the amount of work it would be delivering or the tools it would power. When the air compressor isn’t delivering sufficient air then you can say that it won’t provide optimal work. For those who want to know if they’re working with the right air compressor, they have to calculate the pressure required for the application and compare it with the SCFM.

Are CFM and SCFM Same?

Most people think of CFM and SCFM as the same units and they also work for quite equivalent tasks. However, they can’t be referred to as the same because when calculated, they use different standard values.

CFM is the cubic feet per minute for airflow and the standard pressure for CFM is 90 PSI, but when you want to calculate SCFM then you should work with the standard pressure and temperature defined above. Here is how you can calculate the CFM of air compressor.


What should we choose CFM & SCFM?

Technically, CFM and SCFM have quite the same purpose and both are just modified versions of one another. So, if you’re aware of the mechanics and functionality both of them are offering then you can choose whichever you want. But, if you are new in this field then choosing SCFM would be safe.

What is the correct way of increasing SCFM on an air compressor?

It is quite easy to increase the SCFM with any air compressor. All you have to do is try to decrease the pressure level inside the tank. You can quite effectively achieve it by turning the knob counter-clockwise. By turning it from right to left, it’ll release air inside reducing pressure and as we’ve told earlier by reducing pressure, we can increase SCFM.

What is the ideal SCFM in an air compressor?

The ideal SCFM for any air compressor can be determined by the type of work it is handling. In any case, if your workflow isn’t standard then you need to check the tool that takes up heavy airflow. After that you can select the air compressor supporting that tool.


Air compressors tend to follow Charles’ Law converting power into energy Air resulting in developed air in a compressed state. This device is often used in different types of industries for carrying out multiple processes for optimal functions of power plants. Most compressor managers find it difficult to operate, but if you just know some standard measurement terms then you won’t find any difficulty.

SCFM is the primary measurement unit when it comes to air compressors, you’ll have to decrease and increase it to make sure it delivers steady gas pressure.

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